Great Lengths Hair Extensions

NY Great Lengths Specialist is the best NY hair salon for Great Lengths Hair extensions. No other salon in the entire NY area has as many years of experience and expertise like our hair salon. We serve all areas of NY from Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Albany, Upstate, Midtown, Nassau, Suffolk and more. We do all the main types of Great Lengths extensions like cold fusion great lengths, hot fusion great lengths and laser great lengths extensions. We are truly the Great Lengths specialists!

Our salon is the leader in premium hair extensions and are used and loved by women all over the world. Our’s Great Length hair extensions NY have been going for over many years and continues to be as popular as ever and use only the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin and ethnicity. Our salon utilizes Indian Temple hair to make their extensions. There are number of reasons that people decide to have NY Great Length Hair Extensions applied. Our hair extensions are available in many different sizes and a color match will be performed to ensure that you are getting the very best from our salon.

In Our NY Great Lengths salons, Great Lengths Hair Extensions attaches strands to your own hair. Our hair experts have created an extremely high-tech method of bonding between the Great Lengths hair extensions strand and your own hair. Our Hair Salon is a 4000SF high-class room's salon with three VIP rooms. VIP rooms provide you the star treatment with a Fendi chair, plasma television screen and private sink. We are facilitated with all advanced equipments and newer techniques. Our services are the most excellent and the results are outstanding.

Our salon gives 3 systems of hair extensions application. They are Classic Fusion, Cold Fusion, and Classic/Fast Fusion. So you will be able to easily find the right extensions for you from Our’s hair extension salon. Cold fusion hair extensions are mainly used by people who have got a short shaggy style and add boldness and subtle highlights without chemical processing. Hot fusion hair extensions are available in many sizes and can do wonders to your hair by adding length, color and luxurious volume to your hair. Great length Hair extensions are good for those people also who have thin hair or damages hair.

Our hair extensions can be cared for in the same basic manner that you would care for your normal human hair. However, the difference in care is crucial to the life of the hair extension. When washing your own hair with shampoo. Run the shampoo through the hair extensions gently and make sure that you rinse slowly and carefully. Not getting all of the soap from your NY Great length hair extensions out could cause the hair extension to become even more dry than normal. Apply hair condition generously to the very tips of the hair and don't rinse any of it out. This will be more helpful in keeping it moist. Brush and style the hair normally and pay careful attention to any tangles that may develop. If you do find a knot on hair do not pull on it. If the tangles become excessive you may want to go out and purchase hair extension brush.

In NY, Our salon has been considered as a World Class Hair Extensions Salon, we are doing all the types of hair extensions that offers over seventy Different Hair Extensions Types and offers Same Day Hair consultations and hair extensions. Our salon NY is connoisseur in Great Length Hair Extensions and is headed in developing new lines of these leading extension types. Our NY Great Lengths hair salon serves people with 100% human hair extensions and has solutions for all types of hair related problems, and all types of hair extensions, hair replacement services and many more. To feel the difference in you just pay a visit to Our NY Great Lengths salon.